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We are again with a further week of introducing cities and their meals! South Korea is far more than just Seoul — it might be a little country, but it is mighty, and there are so numerous great cities that the country has to provide.

Nowadays — we’ll be heading down south and having a appear at a charming tiny city named Ulsan. Ulsan is Korea’s seventh-premier metropolitan town, with a inhabitants of 1.1 million people today. It is positioned adjacent to Busan and faces Gyeongju. Ulsan is a port city, which means it truly is positioned in close proximity to the ocean — so you currently know that the seafood will be excellent in this article. 

Ulsan is the hometown of famous people as properly, these kinds of as Search engine optimization In Guk and Oh Yoon A.

Ulsan has wonderful cuisine, just like any other component of South Korea, and today — we’ll be discovering some of the food items that are special to Ulsan. If you’re ever in this section of city, you know you can expect to want to check some of these foods out. So devoid of further more ado, let’s go ahead and verify some of these delightful meals out! 

Whale Meat

Whaling is a bit controversial as numerous nations have banned the follow of killing Whales, but people today in East Asia still delight in eating Whale meat, which is a specialty in Ulsan. Whale meat is particularly significant in vitamins, but it has a quite unique flavor that might have a divided view. But it is a incredibly famous dish in Ulsan.


Indeed, certainly, we know – bulgogi can be discovered rather a great deal wherever in the globe now. Even so, Ulsan has its personal model of bulgogi that you can only find in Ulsan. The spots of Uhnyang and Bonggye in Ulsan have their personal bulgogi that can be considered a single of the ideal in the region. Bulgogi appears to be to get shade mainly because it’s so popular now, but the bulgogi in Ulsan is a Ought to try.

Gopchang at?v=5v3Nnrzlfe0

Gopchang (cow or pig intenstines) has popped off in reputation thanks to the media, but gopchang is also something Ulsan specializes in. Irrespective of whether you like it grilled or in a stew, Ulsan will not disappoint with their gopchang. 

Ssambap out?v=r5X7A9YxemQ

The unique ssambap (rice lettuce wraps) originated in Ulsan. Organized with a meat dish and a good deal of vegetables to wrap with lettuce or “ssam” your meat in, this is a delectable delicacies that will want you craving much more. The professional of ssambap is that the vegetables are there, so you will not likely have to feel responsible for feeding on so substantially meat!

For foreigners, Ulsan is a fairly unfamiliar town, but the city is certainly charming and features a large amount of items. It’s not as frantic and active as Seoul, but you nevertheless have every thing you want to live your lifetime. If you might be ever in Busan and have a several times to spare, make sure to make the trip to Ulsan — there is a good deal that you can do, and you are confirmed to have a great time.

What are your thoughts on this checklist? Have you attempted any of these dishes in Ulsan? Is there a different Ulsan cuisine that you would like to introduce? Make positive to let us know in the feedback under!

By Taba