G.A. Benton

With the onset of November, we’re inching toward another indulgent holiday season, aka (paraphrasing a soon-to-be-overplayed-again song) “the most gravy-ful time of the year!” 

Speaking of inching, in an effort to limit holiday waistline increases that I will blame on decadent seasonal foods rather than a lack of discipline, I figured it was a good time to check out a restaurant whose healthful-minded cuisine is entirely vegan and gluten-free: Greenhouse Canteen + Bar in Grandview Heights.

The only American iteration of a small Australian chain of plant-based eateries, the Greenhouse Canteen occupies a modern, roomy and airy space. With its upbeat-yet-chill soundtrack, concrete floor, oversized Edison bulbs and thematically on-point green accents — swaths of verdant paint, potted plants and a long banquette — the largely white-tinted, impeccably tidy restaurant is casually attractive in the manner of an upscale cafe. Its inviting atmosphere is underscored by generally quick service that was always personable and infectiously friendly. 


By Taba