The service window at Cafe La Bamba has once again been turned into a Day of the Dead/Día de los Muertos bar and food booth for Halloween Horror Nights 32. The menu features a Walking Taco, vegan churros, and more. Let’s take a look at everything offered this year.

Day of the Dead

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HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 35


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  • 🆕 Walking Taco – $12.49
  • 🆕 Vegan Walking Taco – $12.49
  • 🆕 Al Pastor Torta – $11.99
  • 🆕 Vegan Churritos with Ice Cream – $7.99
  • 🆕 Chicharróns de Harina – $4.99


  • 🆕 Feliz Muerte – $16.50 for souvenir cup, $12.50 for refill or 12 oz. single serve
  • Canned Beverages:
    • VooDoo Brewing Co. Lacto-Kooler – $12.25 
    • Original Sin Crimson Chaos Cider – $10 
    • Miller Lite – $9.50 
    • TRULY Vodka Seltzer – $11.25

*NEW* Walking Taco – $12.49

Fritos topped with taco beef, shredded mozzarella, black beans, queso fresco, pico de gallo, shredded lettuce, sour cream and cilantro

HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 9
HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 13

The Walking Dead may be long gone from Halloween Horror Nights, but you can now experience The Walking Taco. The Walking Taco is essentially all your taco toppings served over a bag of Fritos chips. Taco meat, lettuce, black beans, pico de gallo, mozzarella, and queso fresco are layered on top of the Fritos chips.

HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 15

This didn’t impress us and was pretty bland and basic. The line was incredible long and we waited longer for this than we did for some of the houses. The Walking Taco is a good sized portion, so you could enjoy this as a meal that will fill you up if you’re hungry. Compared to other event items, this is absolutely forgettable.

*NEW* Vegan Walking Taco – $12.49

Fritos chips topped with vegan chorizo, shredded mozzarella, black beans, roasted corn salsa, pico de gallo, vegan sour cream, shredded lettuce and cilantro

HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 6
HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 8

As much as we’d love to review the vegan Walking Taco, we’re were given the wrong one. We ordered the vegan Walking Taco, but were given one with meat, cheese, and sour cream. We only realized this once we were very far away from the stand and started eating it. We compared it to the other Walking Taco we ordered and they were the same. Even though we can’t give you a review of how it tastes, we highly encourage you to check your food. It’s great to see vegan items and alternatives alongside the standard version, but it seems risky to order them if Team Members are giving out the wrong one. Getting the wrong item could completely ruin someone’s night.

*NEW* Al Pastor Torta – $11.99

Al Pastor pork, black bean spread, smashed avocados, tomato, shredded lettuce, pickled onions, queso fresco, torta bread and pickled jalapeños

HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 4
HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 2

As much as we appreciate a giant sandwich at a late night event, this really just fell flat for us. This is another massive portion and a very filling meal. If you need something much more substantial than ravioli in a can, this sandwich would be a nice alternative.

HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 3
HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 5

The bread, cheese, and the avocado are nice, but the flavor of the pork seemed to be masked by black beans and lettuce. It’s not very easy to eat, so be prepared to scout out a table in the dark if you’re going to order this cold sandwich.

*NEW* Vegan Churritos with Ice Cream – $7.99

Vegan churros served with vegan gelato, coconut nectar, and OREOS

HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 25

Forget everything else at this booth. The churros are the winner! This was one of our most memorable and top picks for the entire event. These are well worth waiting in line for. They may be vegan, but don’t let that steer you away. These are some of the most delicious little churros we’ve ever tasted. They’re fresh and hot and crispy and drizzled with coconut nectar for a touch of sweetness and covered in crushed Oreos. The base of this dish is a cold, creamy vegan gelato. The hot churros with the cold vanilla ice cream and Oreos is absolute perfection. These should be a year-round item at Universal Orlando. If you get nothing else at the event, you must get these churros. The portion is enough to share, but you probably won’t want to!

*NEW* Chicharróns de Harina – $4.99

Fried flour crisps seasoned with cinnamon sugar

HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 19
HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 20

The Chicharrons are very bland and don’t have much flavor. There’s not much of a crunch and some of them have almost no cinnamon or sugar on them. For the price, these are definitely not worth getting.

*NEW* Feliz Muerte – $16.50 for souvenir cup, $12.50 for refill or 12 oz. single serve

El Jimador tequila and Gran Gala orange liqueur with pineapple, lime, and passion fruit juice with vanilla bean, topped with a dried blood orange

HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 31
HHN 32 Dia de los Muertos Food Booth 33

This was one of the worst drinks we tried the entire night. It has a very strong, almost offensive, floral taste. It tastes more like a holiday drink or a candle. It’s difficult to drink and with too many flavors and not enough tequila.

Voodoo Brewing Co. Lacto-Kooler (5.5% ABV) – $12.25

From Voodoo Brewing Co.: “Lacto-Kooler is our flavored Berliner Weisse. We made this sour ale with lots of “green” giving the beer its unique color and flavor.”

Original Sin Crimson Chaos Cider (6% ABV) – $10

From Original Sin: “Crimson Chaos was created by marrying two cherry varieties with a melody of luscious berries. The ruby red and maroon cherries introduce a balance of earthy tartness giving great depth of flavor. The berries create bursts of zest that dance on your tongue and, when combined with the cherries, result in an unforgettable joyous punch to the palate. This fruit forward blend is smooth throughout with a subtly tartness that tingles on the finish.”

Overall, this is one of our least favorite booths, but the vegan churros are one of our top favorite items this year at Halloween Horror Nights. This booth would be completely skippable if it weren’t for the incredible vegan churros. Definitely get the churros, but pass on everything else here.


The Day of the Dead booth is at #17 on the map below, in the Hollywood section of the park near the Jungle of Doom: Expedition Horror scare zone.

UOR HHN 32 official event map numbered booths

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