What makes a restaurant the best? For MySA, it’s all about an experience that cannot be replicated. Dining has to feel special and one of a kind, even if a restaurant has multiple locations. Most of all, the food has to be undeniably good. 

Alas, the time has come to unveil our picks for the best restaurants in San Antonio, a task which’ll undoubtedly ruffle some feathers. But do not fret, as the roster will get a refresh again in the fall, giving readers plenty of time to advocate for any eateries that didn’t make it this time around.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best restaurants in town, presented in alphabetical order. 

Curry shrimp fried rice at Best Quality Daughter. 

Polly Anna Rocha

Best Quality Daughter

Chef Jennifer Hwa Dobbertin has accomplished so much with Best Quality Daughter since it opened in 2020, including landing a nomination for Emerging Chef from the prestigious James Beard Awards. Accolades aside, the Asian American restaurant is fusion at its best, with dishes that pull from Chinese cuisine presented in a way that’s familiar to the San Antonio audience. It’s a special creative blending of culture and comfort that keeps diners coming back for helpings of curry guisada dan dan or char siu roasted pork shoulder. BQD’s boozy boba drinks are just as inventive, with playful names like I Used to Live in Thailand and Hong Kong Long Con.

Find it: 602 Avenue A, San Antonio, TX 78215

Escargot at Cullum's Attaboy.

Escargot at Cullum’s Attaboy.

Polly Anna Rocha

Cullum’s Attaboy

By Taba