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January 14: Dim sum, delivered

Dim sum from Ming’s Seafood
19 Pleasurable St., Malden

There are handful of communal dining settings as enjoyable as dim sum, sharing unlimited small plates — buns, dumplings, noodles, additional — with friends. Like a great deal of people, I’m not genuinely expending time in big teams and indoor dining options at the second, but of class I’m missing that experience. Getting dim sum delivered is not quite the very same — okay, it’s rather considerably nothing like really heading out for dim sum — but it was a enjoyable way to expend a weekend early morning, anything a tiny various from our typical at-house breakfasts and brunches, and it bought me dreaming of the day I can purchase this unfold again but in person.

Since I moved to the Malden-adjacent edge of Medford very last calendar year, I’ve been slowly and gradually producing my way by rather a couple of unbelievable Malden dining alternatives, and I’ve experienced quite a few dim sum spots proposed to me, notably Ming’s Seafood (which also has a Quincy spot) and Sunshine Kong. This time about, we went with Ming’s Seafood some pictures had caught my eye on Instagram not too long ago, and I was keen to give it a attempt.

We went all in on all items crispy and/or shrimp: steamed shrimp dumplings in jet-black cuttlefish wrappers, embellished with a bit of gold (photogenic, if that’s your matter, but also delicious) crispy shrimp in crimson rice rolls and crispy shrimp rolls with celery. Salted egg yolk buns, turnip cake, and durian pie ended up also hits, and our 1-year-aged could not get plenty of of the fish balls. (If you’re curious about durian but fearful about its infamously pungent odor, check out the durian pie it’s an approachable dish for durian newcomers, a flaky pastry stuffed with a flippantly sweet, almost melon-like filling, and the smell isn’t wherever close to as strong as that of new durian.)

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By Taba