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A TikToker is coming below fire for applying tampons in a strange cooking ‘hack’ that netizens believe is just too above-the-top rated for the undertaking at hand.

‘Foodtok’ is 1 of the more common corners of TikTok, the place people go to add their culinary creations and get guidance from other foodies about their own cooking, or to merely show off a tasty meal they had at a restaurant.

While foodtok is usually a beneficial place for individuals to share their creative imagination with just about every other, a single TikToker’s system for working with surplus grease just isn’t sitting very well with viewers.

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We’ve all been there when you are cooking up some ground beef or bacon, it is all-natural for the meat to permit off some grease that accumulates in the pan.

Two burgers cooking in a frying imustbedead

It is no secret that meats like beef and bacon can generate a ton of surplus grease. Some people help you save it, some people today toss it, but a single TikToker is executing something actually abnormal with her cooking grease.

Whilst most dwelling cooks would merely use a paper towel to sop up the more grease, or drain it into a mason jar to help save for later on, a single woman’s strategy of dealing with grease is simply just unheard of.

On September 21, TikTok person Victoria uploaded her particular process of having care of excess grease — by placing two tampons in the meat and permitting the material soak up the moisture.

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Although the tampons were being absolutely unused, it definitely rubbed rather a couple viewers the wrong way, many of whom produced their ideas on the abnormal condition quite distinct in the responses part.

“This is specifically why I really don’t take in at other peoples’ properties,” one person wrote.

While the Fda states tampons are protected to use, other individuals are apprehensive about possible substances leaking into the meat, with another viewer crafting: “Oh yeah… all individuals harmful toxins leaching out into your food.”

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“What an high priced way to drain grease,” a further remarked.

This definitely isn’t the suggested way to manage grease — but it certainly gave the net a very good ‘wtf’ instant to congregate in excess of.

This is just the newest unusual hack to go viral on TikTok after a user’s ‘toaster steak’ shortcut caught some key flak on the net.

By Taba